David Cortese 18th Worcester District

About David

David Cortese is:

  • A practicing attorney in Worcester
  • A retired Massachusetts State Trooper, with over 26 years of service
  • A husband and father of 2 school-age boys
  • A Democratic Candidate for election in the 18th Worcester District!


For over 27 years, Dave worked as a Massachusetts State Trooper.  His assignments were varied throughout his career, and included a strong union background.  Dave was involved in law enforcement unions on both the state and national level, and has worked successfully with the Massachusetts legislature and the United States Congress to get beneficial language passed.  While much of this was directly related to the union members he served, many bills were also designed to protect the public safety in general.

One example of this is the Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act.  Supported by a national group of state police unions, this federal law gives active and retired law enforcement officers the right to carry a weapon while traveling outside of their home state.  Having a trained, experienced and equipped police officer on the scene of any incident can often be the catalyst to stop any attack swiftly.

More to come…

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